Greetings.  Inspired by the site ewillys.com I thought it would be fun to have my daily camper fix as well.  Not finding one I started this blog which is basically weekly or bi weekly as I am choosy about what I post.

My name is Merlin Hanson, I run the jeep restoration shop www.classicjeeprestorations.com, I teach in The Boys Latin School of Maryland middle school library, and my wife and I have a 1959 Serro Scotty that we take camping.  I also write a Friday article on vintage campers for the Mid Century blog nopatternrequired.com

Click the location to reach the ad.  If the camper is no longer for sale then obviously the link will go nowhere. I update links as I see them change so some older ads may still have solid links if still for sale.  All photos were uploaded to this blog so they can remain and be stared at in perpetuity.