Oct 27 Listings

Today we have a vintage bus, not much information but darn cool to look at, and then a couple tin cans, one may be a vintage homebuilt.  I included more photos of the unknown one in case anyone ever needs them for reference.

1950 Ford converted Schoolbus. Location?  Price?

From seller: This bus appears to have had a quality rv conversion either when it was new, or sometime in the 50’s. The conversion looks to have been done professionally, and the cabinets are vintage with bakelite handles. The sink is in nice shape, and is a salmon colored enamel popular in the 50’s. This bus would make a great glamping rv to restore. Guys are also using old bus for tow rigs that you can put sleeping quarters in.





1968 Scotty Sportsman. Athens, TN. $12,000.00  these are wonderful campers weighing in around 1,000 lbs.  We tow our ’59 quite well behind our 2013 JKU.  This one is beautifully restored and updated.




1950s or 60s Homebuilt/ unknown. Slater, Iowa. $600.00





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